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Esotericism, Religion, and Politics (2012)

In this groundbreaking collection, scholars explore how politics can be understood in a much wider range of esoteric religious contexts than is usually recognized.  Included here are articles on subjects ranging across the modern era and a broad geographical expanse, including Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and North America.  Esotericism, Religion, and Politics is the first book to focus on how esoteric religion and politics intersect not only across the conventional spectrum, but also outside it. Article subjects range from fascism, Julius Evola, Anthroposophy, Russian  radicalism, and Greek neopaganism to American Fourierism, the Theosophical Society, surrealism and politics, and antinomian American guru-figures. Taken together, these articles shed new light on the connections between politics and religion.

Authors include Joscelyn Godwin, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Lee Irwin, Dan McKanan, Arthur Versluis, M. E. Warlick, and many others. The third in a series of volumes on Western esotericism, this book emerged from international academic conferences held by the Association for the Study of Esotericism.

Edited by Arthur Versluis, Lee Irwin, and Melinda Phillips         Purchase here or here

Table of Contents

Arthur Versluis and Melinda Phillips …ix

Esotericism and the Second World War
“Occultism is the Metaphysic of Dunces”: The Conflation of Esotericism, Irrationalism, and Fascism in Postwar Germany
Hans Thomas Hakl . . . 1

Politica Romana: Pro and Contra Evola
Joscelyn Godwin . . . 41

Hitler’s Mentor: Dietrich Eckart and the Nazi Gnosis
Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke . . . 59

Anthroposophy in Fascist Italy
Peter Staudenmaier . . . 83

The Radical Esoteric Politics of Occult War
George J. Sieg . . . 107

Exclusions and Inclusions: Esotericism and the “Right”
Is Aleksandr Dugin a Traditionalist? Russian “Neo-Eurasianism” and Perennial Philosophy
Anton Shekhovtsov
Andreas Umland . . . 129

Radical Traditionalism and the New Right: An Examination of Political Esotericism in America
Jacob C. Senholt . . . 155

Hellenic Neopaganism and Radical Politics in Twenty-first Century Greece
By Alexandros Kalozoides
Trans. Sasha Chaitow . . . 177

Inclusions and Exclusions: Esotericism and the “Left”
Faith in the Phalanx: Esotericism, Socialism, and the American Fourierist Movement
Dan McKanan . . . 199

The Theosophical Temple Movement: Socialism, the Iroquois League, and the Politics of the Brotherhood of Man
Paul Eli Ivey . . . 215

Alchemy, Surrealism, and the Putrefaction of War
M. E. Warlick . . . 235

The Black Water Apollo Abhors: Politics and Esotericism in Diane di Prima’s Loba
Melinda Phillips . . . 257

Crossing the Wires: Art, Radical Politics, and Esotericism in the Project of Neue Slowenische Kunst
Gordan Djurdjevic . . . 277

Neither Exclusions Nor Inclusions
Reincarnation: The Politics of the Psychonoetic Body in Western Esotericism
Lee Irwin . . . 293

The Political Significances of Western Gurus
Arthur Versluis . . . 317

Esotericism, Religion, and Nature (2010).

In this groundbreaking collection, leading scholars in this emerging field explore how nature can be understood in a wide range of esoteric religious contexts. Included here are articles on subjects ranging from alchemy and panpsychism to music, Appalachian folk magic, and new religions. Esotericism, Religion, and Nature illuminates the way that nature is understood by major esoteric figures and traditions. Taken together, these articles shed new light on the connections between humanity, nature, and religion. Authors include Joscelyn Godwin, Wouter Hanegraaff, Lee Irwin, Richard Smoley, Arthur Versluis, M. E. Warlick, and many others. The second in a series of volumes on Western esotericism, this book emerged from international academic conferences held by the Association for the Study of Esotericism.


• Introduction, Arthur Versluis and Lee Irwin
• Examining the Biases of Ancient Alchemists and Those Who Study Them, Shannon Grimes
• A World Full of Gods: Panpsychism and the Paradigms of Esotericism, Lee Irwin
• Is There a Keynote to Nature? Joscelyn Godwin
• Iamblichus on the Esoteric Perception of Nature, Leonard George
• Esoteric Figures, Our Temporary Enemy and Eternal Friend: Nature in the Thaumaturgical Christianity of Nikolai Federov, George M. Young
• Gurdjieff and Ecology: The Astral Ecosphere in Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, Richard Smoley
• Savitri Devi, Traditionalism, and Nature Religion, Gregory R. Johnson
• On the Will in Nature: Schopenhauer, Animal Magnetism, and Magic, Glenn Alexander Magee
• Esoteric Subcultures, Approaches to Nature in Contemporary Left-Hand Path Magic, Kennet Granholm
• Neoshamanism and New Religions as Esoteric, Arthur Versluis
• Folk Magic and Protestant Christianity in Appalachia, John Richards
• Henry David Thoreau’s Elemental Encounters, Kevin Dann
• AE’s Divine Vision, Susan Graf
• Picturing Nature in Alchemical Images, M.E Warlick
• Will-Erich Peuckert and the Light of Nature, Wouter J. Hanegraaf
• Transcripts of Round Table on Esotericism and New Religions
• Third International ASE Conference
• College of Charleston, SC

Esotericism, Art, and Imagination (2008)

Edited by Arthur Versluis, Lee Irwin, John Richards, and Melinda Weinstein

Esotericism, Art, and Imagination is a uniquely wide- ranging collection of articles by scholars in the field of Western esotericism, focusing on themes of poetry, drama, film, literature, and art. Included here are articles illuminating such diverse topics as the Gnostic fiction of Philip Pullman, alchemical images, the Tarot, surrealism, esoteric films, and much more. This collection reveals the richness and complexity of the intersections between esotericism, artistic creators, and their works. Authors include Joscelyn Godwin, Cathy Gutierrez, M. E. Warlick, Eric Wilson, and many others.

• Introduction, Part I, John Richards
• Introduction, Part II, Arthur Versluis
• Theater and Initiation: Euripides’s Bacchae, Melinda Weinstein
• Esoteric Cinema, Eric Wilson
• Hex and the City: Texts for Occult Performance
in Late Capitalism, Lance Gharavi
• Philosophic Mercury: Evolution of the Alchemical Feminine, M. E. Warlick
• Le Jeu de Marseille: The Breton Tarot as Jeu de Hasard, Giovanna Costantini
• The Esoteric Art of Cecil Collins, Arthur Versluis
• William Blake, George Cumberland, and the Visionary Art of Exotic Erotica, Marsha Keith Schuchard
• Vladimir Solovyov’s Poems of Wisdom, Mystery, and Love, George M. Young
• Mirror, Mask and Anti-self: Forces of Literary
Creation in Dion Fortune and W. B. Yeats, Claire Fanger
• Esotericism without Religion: Philip Pullman’s
His Dark Materials, Joscelyn Godwin
• “Knowing In Terms of Togetherness”: D. H. Lawrence and Esotericism, Glenn Alexander Magee
• Faux Catholic: The History of a Gothic Subgenre from Monk Lewis to Dan Brown, Victoria Nelson
• Dark Materials: The Chemical Wedding of Photography and the Esoteric, Chris Webster
• A Mirror with a Memory: Spirit Photography and the Future of Ghosts, Cathy Gutierrez
• Enlightenment and Freemasonry in Eighteenth-
century Venice: The Hermeticism of Querini’s Garden at Altichiero, Patrizia Granziera
• Advent Garden and the Waldorf Imagination:
Esotericism, Ritual, and Childhood, Sarah W. Whedon

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